Who has keys to your Sunderland home?

When you purchase, rent, or lease a home in Sunderland, your first task is to make a list of people who may have the keys with them. The first obvious person will be the property owner. He gives you one or two sets of keys to the exterior doors. The interior doors with locks could be sliders, French doors, veneer doors, Bi-fold doors, or the glazed doors. The exterior windows, ventilators, fire-exits, mail slots, and pet access doors may also have locks for enhancing the security. You should inquire from your home-owner about the others like the real estate agent, carpenters, home renovators, architects, plumbers, and others.

Rented /Leased Home

Rental home keys will be obviously with the home-owner. You can take a letter of consent from him to replace the main and internal door locks with new ones. It will help you in safeguarding your home from strangers and intruders. You have to make sure you return all the keys to the home-owner at the end of tenancy/lease period.

Purchased Home

The probable people who may have the keys to your home could include all the above listed for the purchased property also. The property-seller will hand over the keys to the agent one the sale is made. Hence, you should talk to him and secure the keys before occupancy. The agent may also be in contact with the others who are responsible for renovation and repair tasks. It will be his responsibility to collect the keys and hand over to you.

Take the contact numbers of all the involved people and make calls. Most of them could be willing to hand over the keys back to you. The chances are some of them may not be available or accessible. Then you have a security situation on hand. In such cases, it is better to replace all the old locks with the new ones.

Locksmith Sunderland

Professional locksmith in Sunderland can help you find the most suited locks for the exterior and interior doors in your home. The exterior locks will be for the front door, backyard door, garage door, and the other entry and exit points in your home.

Mechanical digital locks are highly secure and resistance to sawing, cutting, and other forms of break-in attempts. It is preferable to opt for reinforced steel which can fit into the frame and door perfectly. Embedded locks should be installed at the height of your chest when you stand in front of the door. It enables easy access for you.

Save the digital locking /unlocking code to the door at some secure place where you alone can access. The lock should also be accessible with a physical key, in case you forget the code. In such cases, you have to select a lock that works in dual mode.

Avoid handing over the duplicate keys of your home to anyone apart from your close family members and those whom you can trust. This approach helps you in safeguarding your home from every type of potential risk.

At Locksmith Sunderland, we provide you with the safest and fastest services for lock replacements and new installations to ensure comprehensive home security.