How to keep your home safe in Sunderland

Sunderland home architecture is evolving from the traditional styles of cabin and cottage, ranch house, country house, and craftsman house into modern apartments, flats, pre-fabricated homes, and other contemporary forms. The most common house types in the North or Wear River are terraced, semi-detached, flats, and cottages. The modern houses in the city centre, Hendon, Silkworth, Thornhill, and Mill Hill are mostly multi-room flats and detached buildings with gardens and plenty of greenery around.

Door Material

The external doors are made of hardwood in the traditional homes. Modernist homes consist of composite materials like wood, PVC, glass, and insulating layers. UPVC is the latest addition to the external doors due to its unbreakable property and resistance to the elements. Reinforcement with steel, cast iron and aluminium can increase the tensile strength, stability, durability, and protective factors of the doors considerably.

Mail Boxes and Pet Entry

Exterior wall mounted mailbox is a better option than having a mail slot on the main door. Having a pet entry on the main door can also increase the security risks. Hence, it is better to have an independent pet house which can provide shelter and safety away from the main door.

Door Frame

Hardwood or oak can provide the best security for your home with an outward or inward opening model. Reinforcement of frame with multiple plates, hinge-guard, and the reinforcing bar can increase the stability and security features. The door frame should have sufficient space for wood-screws and slots for accommodating the locks.

Door Locks

Shackled padlocks, cylinder locks, Mortice lock, rim lock, lever lock, dead-locks and self-locking deadbolts are some of the main types which provide the maximum security. Always select Grade-1 locks for sturdy construction, synchronisation with doors, embedding with the frame, and smart security features.

  • Cylinder-Deadlock: The cylinder-deadlock conforms to the British Standards Institute’s (BSI) security, accessibility, and fire safety. Most of them need a minimum door thickness of 70mm or above. The steel bolts are resistant to sawing, cutting, and abrasion. They have striker plates embedded onto the frame for ensuring perfect fitment with the door.
  • Lever-Deadlock: Lever-deadlock has a high-density striker plate on the frame with support for variable door thickness (from 40mm to 70mm and more). It is also resistant to cutting, sawing, and abrasion.
  • Latch-bolt-Lock: The latch-bolt-lock is recommended for low to medium thickness doors from 20mm to 40mm. They provide the maximum security with reversible latch, strengthening plates, and the drill-resistant construction. It is also resistant to thrusts, pins, and other lock opening tools which are may cause damages to its structural integrity.
  • Combination-Lock: Combination locks with mechanical and digital parts provide the best security for your home. They can form deadlock embedding with the doors and frames. The digital design can provide safe access for you and your family members while denying access to the strangers and intruders. You can also connect the digital part to the sensors, alarms and surveillance systems which you can operate from your Smartphone.

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