Get a Free Home Security check on your Sunderland home

Home inspection after the occupancy is one of the crucial security tasks you have to perform in Sunderland. You can preferably do it before replacing the existing locks and security systems with the new ones. The recommended people are the local locksmith companies. They understand the potential security risks which can transform into potential threats. They can evaluate the probable accessibility deadlocks and suggest the best systems which can ensure comprehensive security and easy accessibility for you and your family members.

External Locks

The locksmiths can check all the main doors and entry/exit points in your new home. They will analyse the doors, frames, windows, ventilators, fire-exits, pet-doors, mail-slots, and every aspect of accessibility in detail.

  • Doors: The main doors’ health check will reveal whether they are in working condition. The locksmith will also ensure the long-term durability and resistance to the elements. He will check the metallic reinforcements and dimensional parameters. He may recommend replacement of main doors (better than repairs to enhance or not to compromise on security).
  • Frames: Sometimes the door frames might have deteriorated with time and environmental elements assault. The best practice is to replace them if they are unfit for security and long-term durability.
  • Locks: Examination of the locks on main entry/exit doors will reveal the strengths and weaknesses in security. The locksmith can suggest the exact type, size, technology, and mechanism of the lock to install/replace. They should provide hi-tech security from intruders. At the same time, they should provide comfortable access to you from the inside and outside of your home. Combinational locks with sturdy metal construction and digitally coded systems are the most effective barriers.
  • Sensors: A high-tech security system will have sensors for the detection of motion, unauthorised access, and trespassing activities. It can detect if someone is trying to break open the lock, frames on windows, and the surveillance cameras. It can generate an instant alarm and alert the security guards. If the new home has all these features inbuilt, the locksmith will examine their quality and dependability. If not he will suggest where and how to install such systems along with the locking mechanism.

Internal Locks

The locksmith can suggest the best lock type and size for the internal locks based on the intensity of security risks. The traditional homes from the industrial revolution era may not have internal locks systems at all. The modernist homes may have centralised multi-locking systems installed in bedrooms, drawing rooms, baths, and kitchens. The locksmith can examine the quality, stability, and the durability factors which may affect the security aspects. He will suggest the best replacement methods and products which suit the doors and windows.

We have been in the locksmith industry for decades in Sunderland. Our expert locksmiths can examine every type of home in this region for ensuring the maximum security. You can call our helpdesk and get an appointment for the free home security check. You can avail our competitive cost quote for all the locksmith products and services you may need today and the future.