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Locksmiths of Sunderland – About Us

At Locksmith Sunderland, we provide the most trusted services for home lockouts, auto lockouts, malfunctioned building locks, lost and broken keys, and installation of new locks. We can handle all types and materials of locks from the mechanical to the digital, hybrid, and combination types. Our expert locksmiths can cut and forge new master-keys, auto keys, and safe keys based on lock design and construction.

Locksmith in Sunderland – Introduction

At Locksmith Sunderland we have been serving our trusted customers for decades in this region. Every newcomer here will obviously get to know about us at some point of time due to the emergency lock and key problems. We are the friendliest service provider you can find here with the most efficient infrastructure, service quality, and punctuality in our deliverables.

  • Workforce: Our workforce is the biggest asset at Locksmith Sunderland. All our employees have the license, work-permit, security-clearance, and crime-free record from the Sunderland local council and the police. We provide them with continuous training and technology updates regularly. It helps them to understand and learn all the principles and practices of locksmith services.
  • Technology: At Locksmith Sunderland, we work on the latest technology based equipment and tools. We are aware of every type of locking construction, design mechanism, functional parameters and the potentially problematic sections. We have the best in the industry tools for scanning, analysing, drilling, manipulating, picking, penetrating, cutting, and repairing methods. We ensure maximum security, safety, and functional benefits of these tools for all your locksmith needs.
  • Hardware: Our vast hardware inventory comprises handheld equipment and tools for scanning, key-replication; removal, extraction, and filing, lubrication, stamping, punching, die-making, and lighting. We can carry out any complex locksmith operation efficiently and effectively with the help of these tools and equipment. We aim at upgrading our hardware to meet the ever-changing technology trends in building and automobile lock and key systems.
  • Accessories: At Locksmith Sunderland, we have a large inventory of OEM (genuine) parts, components, accessories, and consumables. We can successfully replace back plate, LCD, keypad, handle, privacy knob, setting buttons, locker assembly, wheels, screws, and the other internal parts. Our replaced components can work for years without wearing, warping, damaging, and getting brittle.
  • Commitment: At Locksmith Sunderland, we have a commitment to ensure customer satisfaction in every aspect of our services and products. Trusted security, strong safety, and smoothly functional lock and key system are the elements which can ensure it. We provide all these features at the most competitive pricing on the market today. We continue to improve our quality standards while keeping the prices at the most affordable levels. Our commitment is to ensure providing the entire range of locksmith services for home, office, business, and industrial establishments.


Sunderland Locksmith – Our Specialisation

  • Auto Locks:  Auto lockout is a common phenomenon which happens at the most unexpected time and any place. You may have no resource to solve your problem or get help anywhere from nearby contacts. It is the right time for you to call Locksmith Sunderland and describe your situation in brief. We have an advanced system of tracking your present location and leading us to it from our nearest service centre. We bring with us all the required tools, equipment, and spare parts required for your auto lock. We can troubleshoot any type of complex locking troubles and restore the lock to the original working condition. Our first attempt will be to pick the lock and give you the access into the vehicle. Then we take up the lock and key mechanisms for repair and replacement. We provide you with the most efficient and economical solution within the shortest time…
  •  Residential Locks: At Locksmith Sunderland, our residential lock solutions include deadbolt, Cam, Euro-profile, wall mounting, cylindrical, barrel-bolt, cabinet locks, and a vast range of others. Our expert locksmiths can repair the spring connected pins, cylinders, latches, bolts, plates, and the other damaged parts. Key replacement is the best solution we suggest at Locksmith Sunderland if you have a lost or even broken and damaged key. It is to ensure the maximum functionality of your lock and home security.
  • Commercial Locks:  Our commercial Locksmith Sunderland includes corporate buildings, business establishments, shopping centres, hotels, and the others in this sector. We provide the conventional locksmith service, surveillance security system repairs, alarm system repairs, and related services. We can handle all the mechanical, electromechanical, mechanical-digital, and hybrid types of locks including the keyless pad operated systems. Installation, repair, replacement and maintenance are the main services we provide.
  •   Vault Locks:  At Locksmith Sunderland, we can handle the large safes, lockers, and vault locksmith services. We can repair and replace jammed components and parts, broken links and pins, malfunctioned electronic parts, locked codes, and damaged processors and chips. We can restore the working conditions to the original quality and efficiency at the end of our services.
  • Security Scans: We have a unique security scanning service for analysing and detecting the most vulnerable spots in your building and the surrounding areas. The identification helps us in estimating the type, frequency, and intensity of risks. We suggest you the best possible solutions to prevent the probability of such risks and threats before they create any havoc and damage. We can install, repair, and maintain all types of high-end security systems needed for your residential and commercial buildings at the most competitive quotes in Sunderland.


Our Vision

At Locksmith Sunderland, we have a vision of providing the most efficient security system for every building at the most affordable pricing with complete automation. We are striving to achieve our objectives through continuous workforce training, technology upgrade, and utilisation of high-end hardware, software, and firmware applications.


Our Quotes

As our potential customer, you can compare our quotes with any of the service providers in and around the regions of Sunderland. You will be glad to choose Locksmith Sunderland services for the quality, reliability, durability and the feasibility factors. The time to get the benefits of our service quality is now.

Our Address: Locksmith Sunderland, 4 Admiral Way, Doxford International Business Park, Sunderland, SR3 3XW

Opening hours: Mon – Sun 00:00 – 00:00Phone – 0191  364 3991

Sunderland is a city at the centre of the City of Sunderland metropolitan borough, in Tyne and Wear, England, 10 miles southeast of Newcastle upon Tyne and 12 miles northeast of Durham at the mouth of the River Wear.Historically in County Durham, there were three original settlements by the mouth of the River Wear on the site of modern-day Sunderland. On the north side of the river, Monkwearmouth was settled in 674 when King Ecgfrith of Northumbria granted land to Benedict Biscop to found Monkwearmouth Monastery. In 685, Ecgfrith further granted Biscop the land adjacent to the monastery on the south side of the river. As the river separated this land from the monastic community, it was henceforth referred to as the “sunder-land;” and would grow as a fishing settlement before being granted a charter in 1179. West of the medieval village of Sunderland on the south bank, Bishopwearmouth was founded in 930.Sunderland grew as a port, trading coal and salt. Ships began to be built on the river in the 14th century. By the 19th century, the port of Sunderland had absorbed Bishopwearmouth and Monkwearmouth, owing to the growing economic importance of the shipbuilding docks. Following the decline of the city’s traditional industries in the late 20th century, the area grew into a commercial centre for the automotive industry, science and technology and the service sector.


Locksmiths in Sunderland

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We guarantee satisfaction. Just call us within 30 days of service and we’ll return to your home to remedy any problem

Looking for a Locksmith in Sunderland?

Burglary Repairs

Our burglary and break in repairs include removing damaged wood, supplying replacement timber and ensuring all structural issues are fixed. We can also install new locks if necessary. Call today for a Locksmith in Sunderland

Lock Fitting

We can advise on and install locks for every application, from adding additional locks to your home or garage, or opening locks you have lost the key for. Call today for a Locksmith in Sunderland

Lock Outs

We’re on hand 24 hours a day for your emergency lock outs. Whether you’ve lost your keys, broken them, or left them in the office, we can help you get back in your home with no or little damage. Call today for a Locksmith in Sunderland

Lock Repairs

Should your lock need fixing, we provide a full repair service, with no need to buy a new lock. Simply contact our team who will be able to advise on repairs. Call today for a Locksmith in Sunderland

Locksmiths in Sunderland ~ your Local Expert Locksmith

“Fantastic response. Locked out of our house and he was here in no time. We had a PVC door which has very hard locks to get into. Changed the lock in no time. Very reliable will definitely use in the future.”

Samantha Turner


Choosing the right locksmith in Sunderland

Security is a big issue with any home. Whether you have been locked out andneed someone to help you get back in or you want to make sure your doors areproperly secured, you want someone reliable in the local area who can do thejob. This is why Locksmiths of Sunderland is dedicated to ensuring that your security needs are properly met.

Rapid response

In an emergency situation, you want someone who can get out there as quicklyas possible. We believe in offering a rapid response service so we can be ther ewhen you need us.


There are a variety of locks out there and so it is important to choose a companythat knows what they are dealing with. At Locksmiths of Sunderland we havehands on experience with a wide range of known brands, so you can be restassured we’ll be ready when you need us. Furthermore, as bonded contractorsyou can be assured you are getting high quality service.

Handling the material

We often work with UPVC and double glazing. A concern can be that if someoneis rough with the repair work it could potentially cause damage to the door orglass pane.This is why we make sure that our team is aware of how to do their workproperly but also in such a way as to minimise any risk of damage. For example,if you are having an issue with a door mechanism we can fix it so it is easier tooperate. We can also open doors that are jammed or unserviceable.However, it is not just the locks or mechanisms. We can also align doors andhatches, as well as replacing any broken window panes.

Competitive prices

A common misconception when people talk about “value for money” is what youcan get for the lowest price. However, it is easy to get caught out- a companymay offer what you think is the lowest price, but then that turns out to be thecost of a callout as opposed to the actual service itself.We offer the best value in terms of the best possible service at a competitiveprice compared to our rivals. For certain groups (such as students, landlords orOAPs), it may also be possible to receive discounts or rebates, so this issomething to consider when contacting us (and we will be happy to discussfurther and provide more information to see if you are eligible for said discountsor rebates.)We are also available for home calls, so we can come round if you areconsidering upgrading your security. We also offer free estimates, so there is norisk if you want to discuss your needs and then decide you wish to look elsewhere. We believe that our quality of service and knowledge of the local area gives usthe edge and why a lot of people choose to use our services.

Commercial services

Protecting your business is vital. We work hard to ensure that your commercialpremises are properly secured. You can be rest assured that you will be gettinga professional locksmith, as our professional staff undergoes continual trainingprograms in order to ensure that their skillset is up to date.We are also sensitive to the fact that any upgrading of locks or security takes uptime and that could be potentially disruptive to your business. The old adage“time is money” is undoubtedly true, which is why we always aim to finish ourwork as promptly as possible and allow you to get back to work.

Follow up

Our work doesn’t end with fitting a lock or fixing a mechanism. We also believein effective after care, checking up with you that everything is working well andyou are satisfied with the service that we offer. Following up is crucially as it willallow us to deal with any issues that might arise and stop them before they getworse.Know the issueOne way to help ensure better service is to describe the issue before you makecontact. For example, a door lock that doesn’t work when the door is closed mayhave an issue with the alignment of the door itself and therefore that would needto be adjusted.If the lock doesn’t work when the door is both open and shut, then it is morelikely that there is an issue with the mechanism itself. In this instance, it maywell be that the lock has to be replaced.This is why we offer home visits, as while it may be possible to describe this toan extent over the phone or online it is easier when we are able to look at a lockin person and decide what issue needs to be addressed.

Call any time

When we say call any time, at Locksmiths of Sunderland we really mean it. Ourphoneline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can be sure that youcan get in contact whenever there is an emergency or you need to talk about asituation with your residential or commercial security needs. You can also click on our website at any time if you are looking for a no-obligation quote. We recommend getting in touch because there is a wide array of plastic andUPVC doors out there, so this will affect the kind of doors, locks and lockingmechanisms that are used. This can also mean you get different possible prices,so it is worth talking to us to see what is potentially on offer in terms ofdiscounts or rebates. What we can promise is that we will do everything we canto give you the best possible service at the best possible price that we can offer.For more information on our range of services and to discuss what we have onoffer in more detail please call Locksmiths of Sunderland today or click below.


That is a hard question to answer, however to give you an idea a local locksmith in Sunderland labour charge should range between £50-£80 depending on what kind of work is being carried out plus any materials/parts needed.

Please note:- out of hours and weekend services may cost more.

A Locksmith can gain entry to your home, business or car in the event of a lockout situation, an honest trustworthy locksmith will always try to cause no damage to your locks where possible when gaining access

Yes, they can pick open a sentry safe and either provide a key or point you in the right direction to get a new key

Yes, that is the main job a locksmith does,

Our emergency locksmiths will try to pick open or use other techniques to open your door.

Our local locksmiths in Sunderland are highly trained in non-destructive entry and 

all of our locks come with a one year guarantee.

Make sure you ask if the Locksmith is a local company, get 3 quotes over the phone, check out companies online reviews on Google and Facebook to make sure they are a local reputable company